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About Belus Capital Partners

Our Process

We vet deals thoroughly with a rigorous bottom-up analysis of the client’s business case and desired transaction. We review the feasibility of achieving their stated objectives factually and we deliver a workable solution. If a solution exists, then we mandate. Our process is based on market information received directly from interested buyers. Success is the objective and qualification designed to mitigate execution risk.

Our Values

Client centric

What is good for the client is good for the business.

Risk taking

Acceptable, measured, and achievable risk taking underpins our deals. Our clients are risk takers, and we are aligned on each deal with them. Buyers of our deals are also clients and invest risk capital. We take great care to service the buy-side processes and to sell them the risk/rewards in our deals at a granular level.


We are honest, direct, and transparent about our work and our remuneration with our clients. We are consensus driven and build this on a frank and rigorous analysis of facts. We then communicate this within the team and to the clients in a clear and concise manner. We do not shy away from difficult conversations which is driven by our investing instinct as we know the costs of not dealing with problems.

Margin focused

We are deal makers and determine deal value or margin before engaging or initiating processes. Thus, we vet deals and focus on results. Then, we mobilise our team and build out our execution process. This differentiates us to our clients and creates value for them in rapid time.

Our Team

Sohaib Al-Zadjali

Sohaib Al-Zadjali


Phone: +31615151690


Torsten Gunia

Torsten Gunia

Origination Netherlands

Phone: +31637418897


Dominik Grießmayr

Dominik Grießmayr

Origination Germany